Saturday, September 10, 2005

Living Off Sound and Light

It's the weekend, and here's a few songs to get you started, or to continue whatever buzz you've got going. Portland based Last of The Juanitas blend equal parts freak-out jazz and dense, sludgy rawk into a cacophonous stew that's all their own. The Juanitas spent a good amount of time in San Diego before heading north, and that shows in how the band takes some aural clues from such legendary bands as Drive Like Jehu and The Melvins. Slow-prodding guitar work, pummeling bass, and howitzer-style drumming make up the brunt of the Juanitas sound. As comfortable as they are with that, there are moments when their arrangements speed so fast by you, you've got to make sure your head is still screwed on afterwards. The tracks featured today are both from the band's 2002 release Time's Up, on Missoula's own purveyors of sonic sounds, WantageUSA. For an added dose of awesomeness, check out Juanita bassist Lana Rebel's sad-core country outfit, Juanita Family & Friends. You won't be disappointed.

Last of The Juanitas - Make You Cry
Last of The Juanitas - Look Bolt The Door


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