Monday, August 29, 2005

It Came From Detroit...

I've been watching this hurricane coverage off and on today, and without going too much into it, I just want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with you all, and particularly with my friends that are in New Orleans, and have decided to ride this thing out. I got the chance early this morning to instant message with a friend for about an hour, who was hunkered down on the third story of a building in the French Quarter. So awesome to hear from her. She was okay, but concerned about what was to come. I hope that the next few days and weeks bring nothing but safety and well-being.
The song I've decided to feature has nothing to do with hurricanes, or bad weather in general. It's just a good rock n roll song. Based in Detroit, and featuring ex-members of Gore Gore Girls, Dirtbombs, and Soledad Brothers, The Come-Ons are more then willing and able to fly the flag for the Motor City in the midst of the garage-rock revival that area is currently known for. Blending soul-inspired grooves with a direction that has 21st century written all over it, The Come-Ons show that you can be influenced by the past, and still move forward. The song "Dollar In My Pocket" is from 2001's Hip Check!, the group's second release on Sympathy For The Record Industry. It's a departure from the rest of the rave-ups on the album, instead showcasing singer Deanne Iovan's amazing voice with minimal accompaniment.
Hope you dig it.

The Come-Ons - Dollar In My Pocket


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Keep up the good work. Stay strong brother. Stay strong!

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